Premium wedding

Wedding director or senior wedding planner with at least 10 years of experience (ceremony symbolic or with legalities).
59900 Kč incl tax

Why us ? 
We are a wedding agency established 21 years ago, and we organized over 1 400 weddings. We have 7 full-time wedding coordinators, working mainly in Prague, Central Bohemia & Switzerland. We are the first transparent agency in the Czech Republic, so we only charge our clients the cost that wedding vendors are charging us. Our agency is specialized in international weddings, we have arranged the legal paperwork in the Czech Republic for over 70+ nationalities. Our team is looking forward to sharing their experience and knowledge with you. To know more about our projects such as our wedding academy, our wedding exhibitions and our agency, have a look at

Language skills 
English, Czech, Slovak, French & Russian 

What our package for premium wedding is offering?
You will get up to 100 hours (incl. 6 hours on-site and pre-wedding meeting) with a senior coordinator or wedding director. It includes time planning with you: via email, skype or personal meetings, pre-wedding meetings, planning with your wedding venues and vendors and organising everything into a perfectly synchronised, smooth wedding day.

The Premium Service is suitable for clients who wish to get more than full attention, discuss services into lot of details, skype or meet more often, have a lot of space to make changes during the wedding planning, and have the most experienced wedding planners in the Czech Republic at disposal.

PragueWeddings never uses students or hostesses with no wedding experience to be your onsite coordinator - we always use professional wedding planners.

Please kindly note that we have accounting fee for payments and cash money management. This is a small fee used to cover accounting & tax related services. Also withdrawing cash & cash distribution on the wedding day or prior the wedding day. Fee: 1.900CZK


phone: +420 777 218 480

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