Peklo Monastery Cellars Symbolic Ceremony

Wedding Ceremony organized by Amazing Historical Venue on the top of Strahov Monastery near the Prague Castle.
14500 Kč incl tax

Why this venue?
Amazing Historical Venue on the top of Strahov Monastery near the Prague Castle. All in one venue with possible dinner or reception. In case of nice weather there is an outdoor terrace.

The wine cellars at Strahov were originally held by the Premonstratensian Order. Though the first mention of the cellars dates back to the 12th century, the spaces became famous later in the 14th century when King Charles IV brought grapevines back from France.  Despite the unfavourable local weather conditions, the Premonstratensians skilfully cultivated grapes with a flavour on a par with those grown in France. 

For its fine work the order was presented with a coat of arms by the king himself; a casting of this coat of arms hangs today behind the bar in the restaurant.

As it was no secret that wine was one of the king's weaknesses, Charles IV naturally remained a faithful and frequent visitor to the enterprise.

This package consists of these individual elements:
- Rental Fee (Weekend surchage of 200 EUR) - 1.000 CZK 
- English Officiator - 4.000 CZK 
- PragueWeddings Fee - 9.500 CZK 

Weekend/holidays wedding surcharge 3.000 CZK (in case you will book a "full wedding service" with us - as opposed to "ceremony only", weekend surcharge will not be charged).

Winter season, due to the cold weather the garden/terrace of Peklo Monastery Cellars is closed, and so the lunch time/afternoon is too busy for this location to allow early afternoon wedding ceremony. That is why Peklo Monastery Cellars is offering 6:00pm as ceremony time for the winter season.


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