Foreign Police Appointment

Personal assistance and translation services at the Foreign Policy Office for legal marriage documents. (mandatory for non EU citizens only).
1200 Kč incl tax

If you are about to get married in Prague, then you may have to the visit the Foreign Policy Office. 

Who is considered by this appointment? 
Non-EU citizens only. 

Is it mandatory? 
Yes it is, without the document issued by the Foreign Police your wedding won't happen in Czech Republic. 

What is the document issued by the Foreign Police? 
The document issued is a certificate mentioning that you are allowed by the Czech law to get married in Czech Republic.

What are the document you need to provide to the Foreign Police? 
Valid passport and stamps. 

When do we need to visit the Foreign Police? 
Ideally 6-1 months before your wedding.

Can we book an appointment? How long lasts the appointment? 
No appoinments can be booked, that is why we recommend you to go there 15 min before the opening hour. Time of the procedure on-site varies from 30 min to 2 hours+, depending on the number of people before you and efficiency of the employees. 

What is the cost of this appointment? 
1 200 CZK, this cost cover 2 hour of work of an EN interpeter to join you at the Foreign Policy Office - part of the mandatory legal procedure. 


phone: +420 777 218 480

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