Coloseum Vysocany

Italian restaurant.
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Why this restaurant?
All the Pizza Coloseum restaurants are like "Italian Square for meeting modern people who know how to enjoy the restaurant." The first we opened with the aim of being different, being original, giving you more, and it is still our main goal for the future. We are delighted that our guests come back and we have a lot of new guests every day. And because most of our guests have families with children, our children's brand Kids Coloseum is part of Pizza Coloseum. Almost all restaurants have large children's corners and a Colosik menus for the youngest. The advantage for parents is that children up to 6 years of age eat with us for free. And the advantage for all is that they can use our Bakarta loyalty program. We want the Pizza Coloseum to be a pleasant place for everyone and we will do the maximum to make your every visit unique.

Private room - 40 guests
Garden - 80 guests


phone: +420 266 610 578

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